Thursday, 15 September 2016

Tag # 14 Gothic

                                 Welcome to this weeks challenge.
Zoe is our Guest Designer / Host this week and she has chosen the theme...

                             Here is a little bio from Zoe herself...

Hello I'm Zoe and delighted to have been asked to be the Guest Designer for this challenge.
 On reaching 60 earlier this year I became retired, completely loving this and taking full advantage of the time it gives me to do what I love best.   What is that? messy arty crafty things of course!
My earliest memories of card making are of a card and glitter set my Mum got me when I was about 8.   Because of dyslexia my thought process are pictorial it came as a big surprise when it was explained to me that most people mentally visualise words and letters.   Try as hard as I might that skill eludes me, but hEy the compensation is a rich parade of pictures often in cartoon form!   little wonder then that expressing myself visually comes easily.
Happy to play with most mediums, not so good with needle and thread but that cross stitch project might get finished one day.   Favourite activities are things  you get your hands into the messier the better.  As soon as I learn't today's theme my mind went to the time of year, we have already seen Halloween themed challenges and while it is still a little early it game me the opportunity to play with some terrific stamps.   Have fun with the challenge and thank you again for inviting me.

                                  Here are Zoe's stunning Tags

                                         Have fun everyone...x

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Tag # 13 Showcase

2 fab Tags to showcase this week ..Anything Goes...seems it wasn't a very popular theme as there were only 4 entries...